When it comes to poker, 888 Poker think they have it all sewn up and are the ideal site for players to play on. The sites emphasises this by outline their strengths with P.O.K.E.R., they go to great lengths to spell out their benefits.

The P stands for Pioneer, with the company being involved with online gaming since 1997 and has traded on the London Stock Exchange since 2005. The O stands for Online Security, with the site processes thousands of transactions ever day with the card processing steps being looked after by the Intersafe Global Ltd company. The K signifies the fact that they are a Known Brand, with software certified by leading names such as TRUSTe, GameCare, McAfee and ICRA. The E is said to stand for Excellence and with over 5 million registered players around the world, it seems as though the poker community agrees with this. The 888 Poker site is regarded as the fastest growing online poker brand. Finally, the R stands for Responsible, another central part of the service the company provides to players.

888’s Online Poker Software

When it comes to the software at the 888 Poker site, there is nothing to worry about. Being able to play at an unlimited number of multi-tables is a great starting point, but there is a lot more benefits on offer at the site too. The fact that you can customise the tables to your own preferences is definitely something that will help many poker players feel at home. Even though poker sites try and create a layout that is conducive to good online poker play, any player that doesn’t feel comfortable will be able to move things about to their own preferences. The full level of customisation is also available with respect to the table design, player notes and even the deck of cards that are being played with!

Another huge benefit of choosing the 888 Poker option is that Mac users are able to join in with the fun with no problems or hassles. This is a great step forward and with the number of Mac users increasing all the time, it makes sense for casino sites to move with the times and offer as many options for players. For an added bonus, the software allows the site to utilise webcam technology which means players can play face to face. If you love getting into the mind-set of your opponent, this is definitely the best way to play online poker.

Download 888 Poker

The downloading element of the 888 Poker site is extremely easy to use and even if you have very little experience with computers and the internet, there will be no problems in obtaining this software. The instructions on the site are easy to follow and laid out in a sensible way so if you are looking to choose the download option, there should be no barriers to making the most of it.

Bonuses, Promotions, and the Loyalty Program Offered by 888

With the 888 Poker site being one of the most popular online poker sites to choose from, you wouldn’t think the site would offer up too much incentive for new players, but this is not the way of the world when it comes to online poker sites these days. Even the biggest and best online poker companies have to work hard to entice players to sign up and thankfully, there are plenty of great benefits available from opting for the 888 Poker option.

By Utilizing Poker For Free’s Bonus Code for 888 you’ll get $200 Extra

888 Poker Bonus Code

The best advertised bonus you will generally see for the site is a 100% matched deposit bonus up to $400. This would be enough to get most players started, but with the right connections, you can get even more for your initial deposit. Entering the Poker For Free bonus code of “600MAX” will give your bankroll a huge boost, boosting your chances of getting involved with all of the great promotions and tournaments that are available on site.

When you make your first deposit, you will be entered into the $100,000 First Depositors Challenge, which gets all new players quickly into the swing of things. Similarly, there is a freeroll available for all new depositors, with a share of $3, 500 on offer for all players. These benefits should be enough of a welcome package bonus for all new players, but to sweeten the deal even further, 888 Poker are providing all new players with $8 for free, no strings attached!

888 Poker has a Plethora of Ongoing and Periodical Offers

There are also plenty of continual offers available on the site, including the Poker Genie, who magically appears to provide players with funds overnight. Regular players should not be surprised to learn that they pick up additional funds for their bankroll throughout their time on site.


Euromania Promotion

As you would expect from such a popular site, there are a number of promotions that change over time. The 888 Poker site has been running a Euromania promotion during the Euro 2012 promotions, but even if you missed out on that, there are always new tournaments and events to look out for.


All Kinds of Freerolls

888 Poker Freerolls

The site definitely provides a large focus on freeroll events, which is great news for players. With rewards freerolls for getting involved with the site, including the $1,000 depositors freeroll available when players put more money into their account, there is always a chance to win for free on site! There is also a freeroll for players who lose on the bubble, so if your hopes of cashing out were dashed in the cruellest of fashions, strike back with the Burst The Bubble freeroll event!

7 Ways to Win with the Monday Twins

Add to this the 7 ways to win with the Monday twins and you should have more than enough opportunities to be a big winner with 888 Poker.

Celtic FC Fanzone

Celtics FC Fanzone

A really interesting thing about the 888 Poker site is their tie-in with Celtic Football Club from Scotland. As the only Scottish club to have won the European Cup, Celtic are clearly the biggest team to have ever come from the nation. Their fans may no longer have the rivalry with Rangers, who no longer exist, to contend with, but the partnership with 888 Poker allows Celtic fans to win tickets for every single league match that the club plays. This is definitely the sort of promotion that football fans look out for and it wouldn’t a surprise to learn that 888 Poker extends their sponsorship deal to clubs in other countries.

The 888 Loyalty Program makes you a Very Important Person

Every time you play a game or tournament on the 888 Poker site, you pick up points and these points can go a long way to boosting the amount of fun and enjoyment you get from the site. These points can be utilised to buy goods from the 888 Poker store, but they also help to configure your VIP level, which is great news for all players who want encouragement to come back and play on a regular basis.

The top levels for players to aim for is VIP or VIP Diamond, with these offering great level of bonuses, including a 13.5 multiplier for all points picked up. Once you make it to the top level, it is simple enough to stay there! With an account manager, offline tournaments, VIP freerolls and much more to look forward to, it is easy to see why some players come back to the 888 Poker site on a regular basis.

Poker Games, Tournaments, and Traffic

888 Poker Review

There are some online poker sites which try to provide as much fun and variety for players as they can, but this isn’t always the best approach. Most online poker fans want to play certain games and this is where providing a limited amount of poker games, but providing them in a great fashion can make all the difference. The 888 Poker site ensures players can enjoy Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha (Hi, Hi/Lo) and 7 Card Stud whenever they want.

Sunday Challenge TournamentThe most important game of the week is the Sunday Challenge where there is $100,000 guaranteed every single week. This should be more than enough to entice players to having an interest in coming back to the site on a regular basis!

You should have already seen the great attention to detail that the 888 Poker site has with respect to promotions and tournaments, but the same can be said about their range of games as well. You will be able to find Sit & Go, Multi Table, Heads Up, Double or Nothing, Rebuy and Addon, Satellites and of course, the all-important freerolls when you sign up for the action with the 888 Poker site.

Triple 8’s Traffic Numbers

One of the most important things for poker players is knowing that plenty of other players choose to play on the same poker network. There is often safety in numbers, which provides peace of mind about the site you choose to play and the more players, the better with respect to promotions, tournaments and bonus potential. Even though the 888 Poker site is not US friendly, it still manages to pull in a good number of players. According to PokerScout.com, the 7 day average for players on the site is 2,813 and the 24 hour peak at the point of checking (evening on the 25th of June) was 2,813, Of this, over 2,000 players were cash players, which is a healthy ratio for any online poker site. There are poker sites and networks that are bigger than the 888 Poker site, but it belongs to a good range of online poker and it offers comfort and security to all players.

Playing Real Money Poker at 888

You will not be surprised to learn that the biggest names in the finance industry can be found working alongside 888 Poker to provide players with the best opportunity to keep their money safe and secure. Visa and MasterCard are obvious names, but the inclusion of names like PayPal and Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) will be music to the ears of poker players who have moved with the times and utilise online banking facilities. As you would expect, instant funding to your account is possible, but it usually takes around 3 days for withdrawals to reach your account.

888 Poker takes Care of Security, Integrity and Fairness Really Well

888 Poker Security

You will be pleased to know that the 888 Poker site takes security very seriously and there are a number of ways in which the company works hard to ensure players are safe. The regulatory bodies are all very happy with the work carried out by the 888 Poker team with regards this matter and all of their findings and certification can be found on site. With so many players using the site regularly with no problems at all, it is clear that this is a site that looks after its players.

The site is fully licensed in Gibraltar and if you require any further information, the site is packed full of great news and information about the licencing and regulations.

Customer Support

The customer support section of the 888 Poker site is extremely easy to navigate and they have an FAQ section that will give you answers to virtually every question you could ever want. This is definitely a great thing for players because if they are having a problem, it is likely someone else will have had a similar problem, so it if it has been answered before, it is good to have a solution close at your hand.

If however, the FAQ section doesn’t provide a quick answer, you will be delighted to know that there are a number of ways to contact the site including phone, fax and email so no matter what your query is, you should be able to get help quickly.

  • E-mail address: support@888poker.com